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1/2 lb Northern Jewel (Michigan Heirloom)

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Les and Donna Able of Michigan garlic farm began cultivating "Northern Jewel" in the early 90s before hardneck garlic was hip in the USA.  Most farmers plant every year from the cloves of the biggest bulbs... However, Les and Donna leave a portion of the scapes un-cut and harvest the bulbils from the garlic "flower".  These bulbils and subsequent garlic are then cultivated over a two year period to produce some of the hardiest garlic around.  Here at Peninsula Garlic Farm, we continue their tradition on all of our garlic varieties as we believe it produces better garlic!  Northern Jewel, a Michigan heirloom hard neck garlic, is longer storing than most hardnecks, hot when raw and sweetens with cooking.  An excellent choice for garnishing fresh caught Great Lakes Salmon.

-Storage: Extra long

-Flavor: Hot when Raw - rich deep flavor when cooked

-Growing: Easy