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Turkey Red Wheat - Whole Berries

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We have been growing grain in the background for several years along with our Garlic, mostly for wholesale, and now we are working hard to bring our favorite wheat varieties directly to the people!

Brought to the US in the early 1870's from what is now modern day Ukraine, "Turkey" wheat became the predominate variety in the US in the early 1900s.  Most modern wheat can trace back at some point to this old strain of wheat.  It is not as high yielding as the modern varieties, but it has stood the test of time for its flavor and resilience.  Born out of a time when modern chemical fertilizers did not exist, this wheat does well with our simpler organic approach and inputs to farming.  

 We enjoy using this wheat for pizza dough, cookies and scones.  It makes a great sourdough and hearty loaf of bread.  The flavor is an excellent and nutty with a rich aroma.  

Whole berries have a variety of uses:

-sprouting and use as a salad topper,

-wheat grass for wheat juice or greens

-grinding for flour