Garlic pre-sale starts July 1st!!! We also sell farm scale ready to plant cloves!!!

Farm Seed and Services

Large Volume seed orders at wholesale prices. Certified Organic and Conventional available. Order deadline is mid July. Min order is 90lbs - garlic is sorted and packed in 30lb boxes. 

  • Certified Organic Garlic seed in 30lb boxes
  • Conventional Garlic Seed in 30lb boxes
  • Pre-split and sorted - ready to plant cloves in 30lb boxes
  • Garlic splitting service 0.50 per lb (ERME E600)
  • Grower consulting 150/hr



    We also have an MDARD inspected commercial processing building on site and offer the following:

    • Dehydration services for vegetable's - from Peppers to Ginger
    • Powdering and packaging of dehydrated products

    Email for pricing quote.