Garlic pre-sale starts July 1st!!! We also sell farm scale ready to plant cloves!!!

Meet The Farmers!

In the summer of 2016 we made our leap into farming.  It had been our desire to return to farming for some time, to regain a sense of our dependence and connection to the earth.  However, we were unsure of what to grow.  That all changed when we had our first taste of Northern Jewel hardneck garlic with fresh caught Salmon steaks during a camping trip in Ludington.  The taste was unlike any garlic we had experienced before.  As the garlic and Salmon were passed around and enjoyed, our crop selection and dream came together.  That fall, with one acre prepared, we worked long days to break apart, plant and mulch our garlic by hand.  With fingers and knees aching from the planting, we could rest satisfied and hopeful for the future.  It is a small start, but we are excited about what is to come.  We are happy to be returning to this connection that sustains us.

Farming has been a way of life for generations before us. My great grandparents began their farm with a team of horses and produced everything from milk to vegetables.  My grandparents grew cucumbers for Heinz Pickles.  My parents are active Asparagus farmers.

With a nod to my great grand parents, we are diving into organic growing.  It’s the only way they could do it back then and it’s the right thing to do now.  In order to grow the tastiest garlic, we are committed to using sustainable growing practices, free of chemical pesticides and fertilizers. We are working with Advancing Eco Agriculture, Morgan Composting and others to build healthy rich soil, so we can feed our plants all they need to grow.  This way each bulb of garlic is not only delicious, but nutrient dense.

We encourage you to join our story by purchasing our garlic.  As you enjoy the garlic and the flavor it brings to your dishes, you can know that you are supporting this and future generations of Gregory farmers.




Kevin, Tiffany, Micah, Joel