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Garlic Dijon Mustard

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Our Garlic Dijon Mustard has been a hit from day one.  It has also been one of our neatest projects to work on.

In early 2018 I was hanging out with Bill Koucky of Grand Traverse Culinary Oils and flours.  I was working out details for the Sunflowers and Hard Red Spring Wheat that I would grow for him, when he showed me a sample of some mustard he was working on.  As the conversation when on, ideas flew and I ended up procuring 30 lbs of mustard seed from a farmer in North Dakota to plant on our farm.  Knowing that 80% of the worlds mustard supply is grown in Canada right across lake Huron, I figured it should work here!  It sure did grow well and in the fall of 2018 we tried our first batch of Garlic Dijon Mustard.  My sandwiches, pork roasts, omelets, bratwurst ect. have never been the same!  I'm excited to see where this mustard adventure will go next!

We offer wholesale pricing as well as discounts for ordering a full box of 12 jars.  The storage life is one year, so stock up because we usually run out around Christmas!  (They make GREAT local gifts!) 

Make your next sandwich your best one yet with our Garlic Dijon mustard!

Made with FRESH minced garlic and stone ground yellow mustard!!!